17 > 23.04.2023,
Launched in 2005, Trouble has ever since been the international performance event in Brussels. As of 2019, Studio Thor has been organising and producing the Festival, with its studio and environs in the heart of the city’s popular commune of Saint-Josse serving as its nerve centre. TROUBLE is held every two years, in the odd years.
05 > 10.09.2023,
New Performance Turku Biennale presents works from altogether 20 international artists and artist groups. In addition the biennale program consists of discussions, performance lectures and parties. The performances take place in various venues around the city of Turku: in theaters, museums, galleries, shops, streets, parks and community spaces. New Performance Turku Biennale is a continuation for the New Performance Turku...
24 > 30.11.2023,
MIRfestival is an international contemporary art festival, on the experiment at the crossroads of performing arts and visual new media. Simply put, MIR is a festival bringing together the scene and the image (where image represents all the research on the contemporary visual expression and respectively scene all the research on the human body and performance in every sense). MIRfestival...
24 > 26.01.2024,
Infinite Present is an international festival of performance founded and organized by the Theatre Glej. Idea for launching a new festival of performance and live art came as an outgrowth of the project Time for live art. The festival will present a program of both international and national artists from the vibrant field of performance and live art. As part...