24 > 30.11.2023,

MIRfestival is an international contemporary art festival, on the experiment at the crossroads of performing arts and visual new media. Simply put, MIR is a festival bringing together the scene and the image (where image represents all the research on the contemporary visual expression and respectively scene all the research on the human body and performance in every sense).

MIRfestival is happening in the city, securing a breathing space for the artistic creation.

MIRfestival is an independent international interdisciplinary festival focusing on new forms of contemporary performing arts. Daring, surprising, exciting and mind-expanding, it is a unique festival in the Athenian cultural landscape presenting meaningful, innovative and deeply researched artistic projects by established and emerging artists from the international community. Named after the old orbital station, it aims to be an open space for artists and audiences to meet, exchange, communicate and reflect. MIR refuses to categorize human beings as much as artistic genres. Equality, solidarity and deep humanist values reign on MIRfestival’s satellite. Its deep appreciation for new artistic forms of expression creates a strong community of artists around the festival.