Infinite Present | Glej

24 > 26.01.2024,

Infinite Present is an international festival of performance founded and organized by the Theatre Glej. Idea for launching a new festival of performance and live art came as an outgrowth of the project Time for live art. The festival will present a program of both international and national artists from the vibrant field of performance and live art. As part of the festival’s international program, we will present performances by artists of different generations from Belgium, Canada/France, Mexico/Austria, Croatia, Italy… 

Invited artists will examine concepts of time, labor and presence from an intimate perspective but also bring awareness on contemporary relevant themes with strong  political and social orientation. The program will consist of new site specific productions, presentations of existing works, lectures, workshop for professionals, short term artistic residency with presentation (What Time Is It?), post performance discussion and formal and informal gatherings mixing professionals and audiences.