chrono/logos episode #2

The second episode of the chrono/logos serie dedicates itself to a sonic journey through different thoughts and performance excerpts taken from MIRfestival in Athens in November 2023.

The main questions will be : what is the relation between an art piece and society through notions of affect and emotions? How to imagine sustainable art when expectations of acceleration and growth are still leading the actions of the contemporary art world?

This will be the occasion to focus on the main paradox most contemporary artists have to face when in comes to sustainability: being recognised in being everywhere at the same time, and offering a certain view and sensitivity about our ecological realities.

Subjects such as voodoo in decolonial ecology, punk culture, poetry, anger and affect in performance will be crossed along the way.


Speakers : Daphne Dragona, Betty Tchomanga, Sofia Kouloukouri, Despina Sanida Krezia, Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Theano Metaxa

Production and editing : Laure Colonna

Sound Design : Laure Colonna

Music :

  • Extract of the Ingri Fiksdal’s performance, “Diorama”, by Jenny Hval & Lasse Marhaug
  • Extract of the Despina Sanida Krezia’s performance, “Down to Under”, by Panos Alexiadis
  • Lilia
  • stelios.exe