Time To Reflect


› 17.02.2023

A collective experience which gives the group a common soil from which each one will develop differently. 

The project has started between the 12th and the 17th of February, with the “Time To Reflect” retreat which took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Višnjan and Rovinj (Croatia). An intense moment for a group of 12 people including the curators of the 4 festivals, and the artists who will be traveling through Europe during the project: Theano Metaxa from Greece, Gaëtan Rusquet from Belgium, Mark Požlep from Belgium, and Dash Che from Finland.

The retreat was enriched by the questioning presences of author and activist Cy Lecerf Maulpoix and writer and researcher Daphne Dragona. It was also the occasion to meet the team of the Maska production team and Journal, and to encounter local figures like astronomer Korado Korlević and artist-winemaker Tomislav Brajnović.