What Time Is It?


Theano Metaxa


› 21.04.2023

Theano Metaxa has been working in Theater since 2005 in Athens, mainly as an actress and sometimes as a director. Alongside her theatrical stage work, she is constantly researching and developing personal and team projects of performance in the public space and urban environments.

Theano Metaxa, an artist from Athens, has been invited to create and perform a mobile project through Europe, about  Time. She answers the question “What Time Is It?” by traveling with another person who has passed away before Modernity. 

She planned to travel into the past while her partner traveled into the Future. Undertaking a slow journey through time, exploring the issues of social acceleration, Europe and Modernity. No one from the Greek Cemetery wanted to accompany her on such a long journey. The only exception is an individual who drowned while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. This person has been dreaming since the foundation of the European Parliament to reach it and highlight the political dimension of an unfair and neglected death.

Theano and her companion made a skeleton of their journey, proposing to each other possible visits and meetings with philosophers, artists, psychologists, train station clocks, monuments, traces of migration, museums of Natural Science, cemeteries, old surviving buildings, and as many Euro-workers as possible.

After their arrival, Theano and her travel partner performed “Deadlines” on Friday.

“What Time is It” is 4 slow travelling artistic projects, bringing on artist or collective from one city to another, with possible performance stops. This travel period is followed by a residency in the city where the episodes takes place before and during one of the festivals.

“Deadlines” lecture performance produced by Trouble Festival and under the umbrella of Time for Live Art project.

Arrival: 17.04.2023 @ Brussel-Schuman station, Brussels

Lecture/performance: 21.04.2023 @ Institut européen de la culture arabe, Brussels

“Arrival” - Theano Metaxa, by Aleksandr Vinogradov (VanFilms)

"Arrival" & “Deadlines” - Theano Metaxa, by Camille Meynard (Vimeo)