Rest As Resistance #3

Workshop during MIRfestival


› 27.11.2023

Mara Anjoli Vujić is graduated from the Art History Department of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She is a curator and producer mainly interested in the visual and performing arts. Currently she works as a curator at Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljana.

Antoine Pickels is the founder and artistic director of Trouble Festival in Brussels. He is also an artist, writer and professor in art schools.

Do you feel exhausted in these times of catastrophe and crisis? This is not a personal problem, but a phenomenon rooted in history and politics. Dive in reflection about how to resist your over-exploitation by changing your relationship with speed and time. Join the curators of Time for Live Art festivals network for an upside-down experience! Workshop addressing to art workers from every field, exhausted or not.

“The machine is tired and exhausted” said philosopher Bayo Akomolafe in 2020, talking about humans in times of catastrophe and crisis. What are the results of over-exploitation on the bodies of art workers (and especially those of live arts) in the capitalist world? During the past few years many thinkers have turned their ecological concerns into reflection about de-growth. Changing the internal rhythm of the human body is a first and quite demanding step. How do we live this over-exploitation? Are we aware of it? What does it mean “to slow down”?
Slowing down doesn’t only refer to the function of speed, but to awareness. It changes the experience of time. It means not accepting to be a machine, but to be present and to acknowledge the presence of others. Can we actually rest? Can resting be an active form of resistance to the sense of productivity and endless progress?
Here is a “hands-on” workshop about rest!

This workshop, the third in a series that started in Brussels during Trouble festival last April and continued in Finland at the New Performance Turku Biennale, is addressing to art workers from every field. The workshop will be dedicated to research on how to resist by resting.
Please wear comfortable clothes.

27.11.2023 (4:30 pm)

Space Baby, 80-82 Megalou Alexandrou str., Metaxourgio

Athens, Greece

Workshop during MIRfestival

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