(Pas si) Fragile! 2024 

Brussels, Belgium


› 26.04.2024


Stevie Ango & Océane Eliard (BE), Hongsuk Ahn (BE), Raphaël Bauduin (BE), Marie Bertrand (BE), Erin Besch (IE), Camille Bleker & Luna Pittau (BE), Fadwa Bouziane (IE), Lučka Centa (SI), Mathilde Chaize (BE), Marion Dégardin (BE), Melvine Deveugèle (BE), Dawid Dzwonkowski (PL), Matilde Gazeau Frade & Sara Pasternacki (BE), Brikena Gishto (GR), Zoé Hagen (BE), Joseph Gold Hendel (IE), Kimia Nasirian (BE), NAVOSKI (BE), Maxence Obein (BE), Martyna Przybyło (PL), Moriane Richard (BE), Aimé.es Rossi (BE), Despina Sanida Crezia (GR), Olga Spyropoulou (FI), Barbara Stańko-Jurczynska (PL), Maria Strze & Marcjanna (PL), Phoebe Tohl (IE), Suvi Tuominen (FI), Asia Urbańska (PL)


Documents makers-lecturers

Leah Crabé, Luna Descamps, Fanny Schaepelynck, Louise Valin (BE), Chloé Dechery & Marion Boudier (FR)

(Pas si) Fragile ! / (Not so) Fragile! / The Next Performance Art Generation is a biennial festival highlighting emerging artists involved in performance art, with a specific format for each edition. The 2024 version will take place at Studio Thor, which has been running the project since 2020, at Les Halles de Schaerbeek and at La Balsamine.  

As usual, it will highlight young artists from Wallonia-Brussels visual arts schools (La Cambre, erg, ISAC, Le 75, Beaux-Arts de Liège, Arts2, etc.). These schools dedicate part of their curriculum to live art in response to the new dynamics of professional practices in the field.  

In 2024, the project will be extended to the presentation of work by young artists from Europe: Finland, Greece, Ireland, Poland and Slovenia. In total, more than thirty young artists will comprise this intensive 3 days-programme, at the crossroads of local practices and 2 international projects: “Performing Identity” and “Time For Live Art”. 

(Pas si) Fragile ! 2024 is a production by Studio Thor, in collaboration with ENSAV – La Cambre, Les Halles de Schaerbeek and La Balsamine as part of the Time For Live Art and Performing Identity projects. With the participation of Maison des Arts and Commune de Saint-Josse. With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Service de la Danse and Brussels Promotion), Wallonia-Brussels International, and the European Union (Creative Europe and Erasmus+ / strategic partnerships). The professional programme has been developped with the collaboration of WBTD and the Wallonie-Brussels Center in Paris. Belgian selection made thanks to the suggestions of erg, Le 75, ARBA/ESA (ISAC), Arts², Beaux-Arts de Liège, Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tournai. Time For Live Art brings together Studio Thor (BE), New Performance Turku Biennale (FI), MIRfestival, Athens (GR) and Infinite Present / Glej, Ljubljana (SI). Performing Identity brings together ENSAV – La Cambre (Brussels), ESA Le 75 (Brussels), Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts (Poznan, PL), Burren College of Art (Ballyvaughan, IE), in collaboration with the festivals Verao Azul / CasaBranca (PT), New Performance Turku Biennale (FI) and (Pas si) Fragile ! (BE).

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Full programme

les Halles de Schaerbeek, la Balsamine, Studio Thor (Brussels, BE)

(Pas si) Fragile! 2022 | Benjamin Muzart · Love Dynamics : Hold (video: Nicolas Van Achter)

(Pas si) Fragile! 2022 | Kubra Khademi · Presence (video: Nicolas Van Achter)