What Time Is It?

Bear, my love

Dash Che


› 30.11.2023

Dash Che (they/them) is a genderqueer Russian American dancer, performing, teaching and conceptual artist currently based in Finland. Dash has been working with the notion of a patriotic corporeality for the last year. They explore the questions of foreignness, desire to belong, ways of inclusion and exclusion through choreographing bodies and objects, working with ready-mades and installations, and facilitating workshops. Their work lingers at the border of eerie, subtle, humorous, aggressive, risky, and abstract. They have a strong background in DIY organizing and LGBTQ activism.

With their queer suitcase full of quite a few native lands and countries of residence, they travelled slowly by bus all through South-Eastern Europe in a process of creating a performance about history, ignition, “patrides” and love – however scary all this might be! And they perform it in the courtyard of a church.

“There is love here. Sultry cavity filled with thick love. The coat of love envelops my body. Attaches to my skin and enters it like ingrown hair. The incisions of attachment swell, pumping me with dizzying oxytocin. I feel in love. I leave my own body and join the collective one. We love together. As people. As a nation. Our love is headless and scary. I feel scared of it too ‒ it’s all one big pulsing heart. In Bear, my love the love attachment to a country is explored. A genderqueer body enters a collective body of patriotism to touch its insides. We chose a Greek Orthodox church as a performance site as we see the church both as ‘a project of patriotism’ and ‘a project of love’.”

– Dash Che

“What Time is It” is 4 slow travelling artistic projects, bringing on artist or collective from one city to another, with possible performance stops. This travel period is followed by a residency in the city where the episodes takes place before and during one of the festivals.

“Bear, my love” performance produced by MIRfestival and under the umbrella of Time for Live Art project.

Performance: 29 & 30.11.2023 

In the courtyard of Agios Nicolaos Church, 38 Asklipiou str. 

Athens, Greece

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