What Time Is It?

Along the way, among others.

Gaëtan Rusquet


After studying applied arts at ENSAAMA, known as Olivier de Serre in Paris, Gaëtan Rusquet (he/him) obtained a master’s degree in scenography and performance at ENSAV La Cambre. He works as a performer, dancer, choreographer and scenographer, from performing arts to visual arts.

In his artistic proposals, Gaëtan Rusquet looks at how one fits into a place – and what makes a medium – whether it is space, light, sound, video, movement, objects or materials, less defined. He seeks in a ritualized form to bring their relationships into play, within devices revealing their connectivity and power to act. He sees performance time as a moment of study and experience, whether for the performers or the spectators.  Each occurrence is then an opportunity to request, to update the stakes of the project. Like a sculptural object that would constantly seek its contours. Thus the creation of scores allows a space for negotiation between the performer(s) and with the public/witnesses.

At the same time, the learning of holistic care techniques feeds his practice and his approach to the body and its limits. This leads him to develop choreographic tools related to the perception of these bodies and energy fields, whether related to the body itself, or to the places and grounds in which the body is inscribed. Gaëtan Rusquet (1984), lives and works in Brussels.

This travel seeks the pleasure in being lost, knowing/not knowing, an attempt to be displaced, moved by others, as a result to question the reciprocity of it.

The possibility of the encounter, sharing time. When is the moment we stop to count what we give. With the others – humans or more than humans – the body, the motion of the eyes caressing the territories and the landscapes. The performance following is about work and pleasure, gift & sacrifice, and bears the traces of this journey.

What is it to be touched, moved, cared for and reciprocally?
When do I give attention to a body?

“What Time is It” is 4 slow travelling artistic projects, bringing on artist or collective from one city to another, with possible performance stops. This travel period is followed by a residency in the city where the episodes takes place before and during one of the festivals.

Performed and in collaboration with Ayla Heier, Daniel Petković, Ajda Opara, Don Ciglenecki

Artistic eye: Mara Vujić

Executive production: Nastja Miheljak

Photography: Nada Žgank

Technical Director: Grega Mohorčič

Technical support: Brina Ivanetič, Žan Rantaša, Samo Dernovšek

Public Relations: Tina Malenšek, Paulina Pia Rogač

Special thanks to Luka Piletič, Maša Šebek, Ajka Poljansek Zorn, Manca Kok, Vincent Boon, Živa Gostinčar, Klemen Janežič, Elis Seyto for their participation and kind feedback during the workshop.

Production: Gledališče Glej

“Along the way, among others.” performance produced by Infinite Present and under the umbrella of Time for Live Art project.

Performance: wed 24.01.2024, 8pm

@ Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Duration: 45 min