Reliving Time

Minutes from a Time of Live Art

This final publication focusses on three key aspects of the “Time For Live Art” experience.

First, the four “slow travels” across Europe by those artists who contributed to the pan-European project “What Time Is It?” – Theano Metaxa (GR), Mark Požlep (Sl), Dash Che (FI) and Gaëtan Rusquet (BE). We allowed each of them ample editorial space to share recollections of their travels, in words and images, each deploying their own individual aesthetic.

Second, the project’s four festivals were the subject of an observational yet subjective analysis by art critic and academic Jennie Klein (US), a renowned specialist in performance art, who comprehensively documented each of the festival’s programmes.

And lastly, the four “Rest as Resistance” workshops organised at each festival, are the subject of a four-part text, written by their respective curators: Mara Anjoli Vujić (Infinite Present / Glej Theatre, Sl), Christiana Galanopoulou (MIRfestival, GR), Leena Kela (New Performance Turku Biennale, FI), and Antoine Pickels (Trouble, BE).

Richly illustrated and full of insightful commentary and analysis, the publication will be available both digitally and as a print-on-demand edition. A first printed edition of seventy copies will be reserved for the project’s collaborators and partners.

Format, 112 pages, full colour.
Edited by Antoine Pickels.
Graphic design by Nicolas Rome.
Publisher : Thor. Release : October 2024.